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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

Disability and Veterans Community Resources Directory

A query submitted using this search page performs a search on the OFCCP database at the USDOL.


All the searches conducted at the database are "MATCH type" searches. That is, search scans the entire Disability and Veterans Community Resources Directory for search criterias you enter in the search form.

The search is based on the :

  1. Regions or Entire nation wide.
  2. State or state selection can be changed when you select the particular region.
  3. Name of Organization.
  4. City of Organization.
  5. Other Multiple Selected values are:

Applicant Type:

  • D - Disability
  • DV - Disabled Veteran
  • F - Female
  • M - Minority
  • V - Veteran

Job Categories:

  • Adm - Administrative Support
  • Cra - Craft Workers
  • Exe - Executives
  • Fir - Managers/Supervisors
  • Lab - Laborers
  • Ope - Operatives
  • Pro - Professional
  • Sal - Sales
  • Ser - Service Workers
  • Tec - Technician

Select the search criteria’s (i.e., "search term") you wish to search in search form and press the "ERRD Search" button. If you wish to change the criteria’s you wish to search for, press the "Clear" button to clear the search field and retype the text you wish to search for.

The order specifies the order of display of the list in ascending or descending of state name. Just select the radio buttons displayed the bottom of each search.

Tips for Better Results
  • Make sure to use correct spelling.
  • Please do not use DOUBLE quotes as a part of the name.
  • If you need to use comma please do not surround it by quotes.
  • Try synonyms and variations of the name.
  • Be patient!

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